Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bumping it Up!

    Whether or not you are a fan of Snooki, you have to admit the reality T.V. star is making its imprint on America’s culture. 
    Since she appeared in “The Jersey Shore” with that very big hair, I was amused and intrigued with such great engineering. How did she do it? I tried many times to tease my hair to such heights but could never succeed. I always ended up with an uneven bird’s nest that would last up to 10 minutes!  
    Well now, thanks to her and her signature hairstyle I came across this great invention. …. BUMP IT’S!!! I have to say…. these are my new guilty pleasures! I always wished I were a little more creative when it comes to my hair, but my lack of technique never let me go further. It comes in 3 sizes: a very small one, a medium (that is the highest I think I can go) and a very big one (that I haven’t used yet). 
Bump It’s make it really easy to achieve something extraordinary and unprecedented. So thank you Snooki! I owe you one!!

Here are some hairstyles you can do with Bump It’s

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