Monday, December 13, 2010

Final Project

This trend is a result of the very fast pace environment most women of the modern world finds itself in. There is an overload of new technologies, the cultural habits are changing and evolving into different world. This trend allows the wearer to say “enough”. It holds to memories of the past and brings the great feelings that are comforting and familiar.

I pretend to merchandize my boutique with antique and romantic props that will add to the collection’s concept. I do plan on selling a few non-apparel items on my store. For this collection I could make a table with scented soaps with vintage wrappings and another table with scented candles. I would not light a candle but a air mist would give the store a soft feminine smell.
Antique furniture and props would be arranged around the store and window. The windows would also have soft drapes framing it.
The dresses would be put together with sandals and socks, panty hose or stockings.
Hats, gloves and umbrellas would be placed on the mannequins. The accessories would be gold pendants and chains, small earring, brooches and bracelets.
I would design a few hats to

This trend uses fabrics like cotton, velvet, silk organza, silk charmeuse, lace, organza and satin.