Monday, November 1, 2010

Cotton Inc.

Cotton Inc. is a great website that offers information on everything related to the cotton industry.
The company works closely with textile mills and their customers, assisting them to understand their challenges and come up with good solutions that facilitate the development of high quality, innovative products. Cotton, Inc. also connects companies around the world interested in sourcing products and raw materials. This service is especially valuable for start-up companies.

Here are some of the things you can find on Cotton Inc.’s website:
·      - They offer important information about cotton crops around the world, such as the effects of environmental and weather conditions influencing the production yields and quality of cotton crops.
·      - This is a good website to get informed about new products that are in the market now. You can see that Cotton Inc. is definitely making an effort to promote their green side and to create environmental friendly products.
·      - Their site contains press releases, news about companies that work with cotton, and information about upcoming seminars (for companies only).
·      - A calendar where you can find events related to cotton fiber (ranging from crops management seminars to textile shows)
·      - The cotton work library allows you to find out who is producing that fabric, where they are located, if they do dying, etc… This is a great tool for designers that are looking for different fabrics and how to source that particular material
·      - Last but not least, they have a great forecasting service. This service aims to help companies around the world to stay on top of key trends. They offer a color pallet, finishes, treatments and fabric suggestions that they think will be the “most wanted” products of the seasons to come.

Cotton inc. is a great website and a great tool for aspiring designers.

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