Sunday, November 21, 2010

11th Moon

This is the store front of 11th moon a boutique in Laguna Beach. Both windows were displaying black outfits that did not catch my attention when I was driving by. There's a sale sign that is slightly hidden by a flower pot. 
The front window displayed black cropped pants and a black off shoulder knit shirt. A tie dye silk scarf and black boots.    I did not like this window and I don't it represented the store well. Besides the boots I don't think this window is up to date with the current fashion trends.
This window displayed a more trendy outfit. The black leather skirt with this woven black structured shirt had the vibe of the rock and the military concepts together. Black flat boots, an on going trend added character to the look.  

This is the view from the front door. When I asked the lady about what has been popular and selling well she had no idea what to answer but than she said she sold two sweaters that was at this table the day before. They were both grey, chunky sweaters. One of them had very thick yarns and a very  large knit loops and a big shawl collar and the other had a large asymmetrical lapel.
Inside the store there was a lot of products overcrowding the shelves, which gives me a little anxiety. There was no enfasis on a special trendy color and the staple winter hues dominated the displays.

I started looking at the clothing and I was pleasantly surprised with the selection. I found a lot of structured and asymmetrical jackets, silk blouses, wool wraps and many other items with interesting textiles like leather, suede, organza and woolens. 

There was a wall where they hang scarves. I thought they were very pretty, but most of them were grey.  there was this grey and burgundy boots that I think was one of my favorite items of the store. Right next to them there was a sandal displayed with socks. I liked that and I thought it was fresh and trendy.
This are some of the handbags they carry.  I noticed that many of them had a native american print and fringe detail.  Some were made out of suede leather.

 On my opinion there was too many accessories for sale and most of them were not beautiful. A lot of beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Large pendants and rings with beads and stones looked very hippy and hand-made to me.  
This is the back room shelf. Lots of navy blue and some burgundy red.  I felt this was their casual rack  because they had more knits in it. Lots of lofty and roomy tops that looked comfortable and chick.

There was this leather wristlets that I thought was very cute.  The only color besides the greys,  browns and blacks was this salmon/copper shade. This was the only display with the color but i noticed it in another garments too.

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